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Our mission

Reskinned is here to help fashion brands achieve their sustainability goals.We want to maximise the life of clothing and footwear by creating a circular economy model that incentivises owners to trade in unloved garments with a simple, hassle-free take-back process.

We’re combining 20 years of textile recycling experience with clever tech to ensure we get clothing and footwear into the hands of the people who will value it most at each stage of its life.

The Reskinned process ensures we maximise each and every item’s value and potential re-wear opportunities.

We promise to reuse or recycle 100% of what we receive and ensure 0% enters landfill.


Rewarding customers for returning

Our simple-to-understand and easy-to-implement take-back scheme offers your customers the opportunity to trade in garments for a fixed credit value.

The customer drops clothes in-store or via a simple online process on your site. Garments are then returned to us for validation and processing.

Digitising the process delivers even greater insight into your customers and how they engage with your brand.

Resale has grown 21 times faster than the retail apparel market over the past three years*, highlighting the growing desire from consumers to participate in the circular economy themselves.
*(according to thredUP’s Resale Report)

Participating in the reuse economy makes smart business sense

Rewarding customers for trading in creates a loyalty loop that motivates customers to buy from the brand direct and continue to trade in and buy on an ongoing basis.

The Reskinned platform then enables you to connect with younger brand fans who do not yet have the affluence to be a full-price customer, but who value great style and want an affordable, fun way to access your brand.

Studies in the US show resale is a great way to re-engage infrequent and lapsed shoppers, too. Reuse channels also provide a low-profile solution to monetise customer returns and end-of-line stock.

A fully flexible, easy to implement solution

We recognise that every brand and its customers are different, so we’re building an extremely flexible solution that can be optimised to reflect how you are comfortable selling and how your new customers like to buy.

Our tech implementation is almost as easy as our return process. We do the heavy lifting and easily integrate into your site, either using an iframe or redirect to a branded landing environment that mirrors your brand identity.

Multiple reuse paths to realise each and every item’s maximum value

At Reskinned, we’re combining 20 years of textile recycling experience with a tech platform that deploys data science to ensure the maximum return on the items we process.

We prioritise reuse through DTC and bulk channels. When garments are unsuitable for resale, they are recycled for use in other industries – such as insulation for housing and cars.

We’re committed to play our part in delivering chemical textile recycling. We’re working with technical partners to find innovative solutions to deliver the volume and purity of feedstock that will enable chemtex to leave the lab and become a commercial reality.

100% Transparency

Because we control all elements of the process – including the tech, sort and final redistribution channels – we can track exactly what happens to the items we process.

Our end-to-end approach enables us to provide full clarity on where your central stock and customer returns find a new home.

If you’d like to find an easy way for your brand to actively participate in the circular economy, please drop us a line. We work with brands big and small that are keen to help customers change their relationship with the clothes they own.
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