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What is feedstock?

3 Apr 2023

what is feedstock reskinned

Reskinned are proud to supply feedstock materials to emerging designers who are using deadstock and recycled materials into their collections, but what actually is “feedstock”?

What is feedstock?

Feedstock is a raw material supplied to a factory or machine. It basically refers to the material supplied to turn something from one thing into another. Yes, we know that sounds a bit vague but keep reading and you’ll get the idea about what we mean when we talk about feedstock.

What is sustainably sourced feedstock?

In the textile world, sustainably sourced feedstock is the use of recycled materials over raw materials.

How does Reskinned support the use of sustainably sourced feedstock?

Feedstock is a big, general word and can feel quite technical if you just google the phrase, “what is feedstock?”. In our case, it refers to the end of life clothing waste we supply to collaborators like Renewcell who turn old cotton into Circulose®, a pulp cellulose that is used to make viscose, lyocell, modal, acetate other types of regenerated fibres (also called man-made cellulosic fibres). These fibres are then spun into yarns, woven or knitted into fabrics and finally cut and sewn into new high-quality textile products. It’s all about using waste to create something new, instead on relying on raw materials.

We also provide waste materials to sustainability driven designers like E.L.V. Denim so that they can be upcycled into new clothes as part of circular collections. These waste materials are sourced from the unwanted clothes collected through our takeback programmes. Anything that can be worn again, will, which means we only supply our collaborators with materials pulled from clothes that are end-of-life.

About Renewcell and Reskinned

Renewcell are a Swedish, circular business who are closing the loop on fashion but turning worn out clothes into Circulose®, a sustainable feedstock. They provide an alternative to raw materials, helping brands use more sustainable materials in their designs. Clothes made with Circulose® can then be recycled over and over again – without losing any quality. Our partnership with Renewcell comes under our work on chemical recycling and is one of the most exciting projects we’re proud to be a part of. It has the potential to create widespread industry change and using old materials to make new materials just makes sense to us.

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