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The most sustainable brands trust Reskinned to power their circular solutions.


“At Finisterre we have always believed that the most sustainable product is the one that lasts the longest. Through our partnership with Reskinned they have supported our mission to further extend product lifespan and realise our circularity goals. They understand the challenges and complexities involved and have tailored solutions to meet the personality of our brand and the needs of our product and community.”

Debbie Luffman - Finisterre

Reskinned makes it easy for brands and their customers to participate in a fully circular clothing economy.

At Reskinned we provide a simple end to end solution to handle takeback, recommerce and end of life recycling.

With over 20 years of experience and over 30 brands - big and small - signed up, we’ve created a fully flexible solution that enables you to move at the speed that reflects your business. 

We work with you to develop a circularity roadmap which sets targets and plans for programme growth.

Turning problems into profit.

At Reskinned we help our brand partners with more than just takeback and recommerce. We’ll happily help deal with failed QC, damaged returns and deadstock. At Reskinned we’ll maximise the reuse potential of every item we receive and we’ll only recycle as a last resort.

Reskinned also collaborates with fashion learning institutions and upcycling designers to provide the feedstock they need to empower the next generation of creators. 0% waste.

“Reskinned’s extensive experience in the recycling space and their collaborative approach has helped us set up a tailored takeback scheme quickly, allowing us to take an important step on our circularity roadmap.”

Muriel Wacker - Sweaty Betty


How we work with you


We do everything from the takeback tech set up, in-store and online collection systems, and handling of customer queries associated with the programme.


Our streamlined process efficiently gets garments and footwear prepped for resale. 

After an initial inspection items are graded, cleaned using our zero water ozone process to make them smell like new. If an item needs a simple fix we’ll do it at our in-house repair station, to a brand approved standard. Items are then listed and photographed using our high quality flat lay photo booths to achieve a near studio standard level of photography, so customers get the best possible purchase experience.  


Reskinned’s sister company has been at the forefront of textile recycling for more than 20 years. In this time, we’ve developed more than 20 smart processes to maximise the material value from the myriad of different clothing and footwear types we process. We always look to develop relevant recycling stories for brands. For a sportswear brand, we’re turning their end of life gym and yoga wear into punch bag filling. For a country clothing company, we’re creating the filling for the dog beds they sell. 

The Reskinned Future

We’re already helping the brands we work with to develop roadmaps for what a fully circular clothing model might look in five years time. At Reskinned, our takeback process enables us to inform brands on consistent manufacturing issues and we also help them plan future collections with end of life in mind.

Sign up to Reskinned to find out more about what we do and be the first to find out when drops are happening from the brands you love.

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