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Buy, wear, return, repeat.

We collaborate with brands to find a new home for the clothes less loved.

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Buy, wear, return repeat
Takeback-Header image-@2.webp
Buy, wear, return repeat

Brands we work with –


Dune London

Oliver Bonas


Seasalt Cornwall

Sweaty Betty

Penelope Chilvers

Salt-Water Sandals

River Island


SKINS Compression

E.L.V. Denim

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How it works (it's really easy) –

Rediscover the value of items you're no longer reaching for. We'll take your unwanted stuff, give them a refresh and send them on to a new home. If they don't make the grade we'll recycle them responsibly.

You send us clothes, we'll send you a reward. Every brand in the scheme has a different programme and credit value. Our brand partners will take back the clothing they produce, repair and resell and in return give you credit for their own brand.

Choose the items you want to return to the brand takeback basket. If you're a fan of browsing IRL, some brands also offer in-store take back schemes and will give you instant credit to use there and then.

1 - Choose the items you want to return to the brand takeback basket

2 - Grab whatever packaging you have at home and return it to us

3 - Drop your parcel at your local Evri drop shop

4 - We'll validate your return when it reaches our processing centre (usually within 5-7 days)

5 - After sorting and checks, we'll email you a unique voucher code

6 - Visit the brand partners' website, shop as normal and pop your code in the voucher box at checkout and your credit will be applied to your purchase

What happens to the clothes I send back? –

All clothes are resold, repurposed or recycled. If they can be worn again, they will. We'll make any repairs and clean up anything before it hits our resale platform or pop-up events. Items that are good quality but not quite right for the UK market are sent to our long-term partners in other markets, where they are sold to people who want them. Different strokes for different folks.

The Stats



Makes the Reskinned resale grade



Made available for reuse elsewhere



Recycled responsibly



That's right, zero landfill

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