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Grace Junior Brand Manager


In the intricate web of sustainable fashion, fostering strong brand partnerships is key to our mission at Reskinned....

13 May 2024

How To Declutter Your Wardrobe

Spring Cleaning: How to Declutter Your Wardrobe

When warm weather rolls around, it's time for us to dust off the cobwebs from the corners of...

10 May 2024


Earth Day: Tips and Tricks for a Sustainable Future

It’s Earth Day! A day to celebrate our beautiful planet and raise awareness about how to keep it...

22 Apr 2024

Deron - Customer Service hero - Reskinned


Any good company is only as strong as its customer service and we’re lucky to have the best...

11 Apr 2024


Who made our clothes?

Everything we buy and wear has a unique story that’s led it to being in our hands. Even...

4 Apr 2024

Reskinned recycling revolution

The Recycling Revolution: Nothing Goes to Waste

In today’s world, fast fashion and the amount of textiles being disposed of globally mean that the recycling...

18 Mar 2024

Lizzie - Reskinned repair specialist

Introducing: Lizzie, our clothing repair mastermind

It’s Repair Month, and over here at Reskinned we wanted to introduce you to the unsung hero of...

13 Mar 2024



Janji is on board! The latest member of our Reskinned family, the running apparel brand with a powerful...

11 Mar 2024


Brand Spotlight: Anthropologie

A massive warm welcome to our latest brand partner, Anthropologie. A brand that transcends trends, creating clothes and accessories...

16 Feb 2024


What Makes The Reskinned Takeback Scheme Different?

Takeback schemes are not all made equal. Despite what fast fashion brands want you to believe, there are...

9 Feb 2024

clothes made from plastic - Reskinned

Are Your Clothes Made From Plastic?

Did you know that the majority of your wardrobe probably contains plastic? Around 63% of the clothes that...

26 Jan 2024


How To Care For Your Shoes

Shoes. For some of us, we can’t get enough. And for other people, they’re just the things we...

19 Jan 2024


Brand Spotlight: Hush

We aren’t keeping it hushed any longer, Hush is our latest brand partner, and we are so thrilled...

9 Jan 2024


What do you do with unwanted Christmas Gifts?

What do you do with Christmas presents that you don’t want and are never going to use?...

4 Jan 2024


The Reskinned Yearly Roundup

We can’t believe the year is coming to an end! Looking back at the last twelve months, we’ve...

2 Jan 2024


Tis the Season to Shop Sustainably

Feeling festive? As the holiday season comes rolling in, we’re swapping out the tinsel for some more sustainable...

15 Dec 2023

Reskinned - Where do we get our stock_ .png

Where do we get our stock from?

We like to make sure we’re as transparent as possible with our customers, because we’ve built a business...

1 Dec 2023


Takeback Friday

Incoming: The biggest shopping season of the year. But… what if it wasn’t? What if we said no to...

24 Nov 2023


Why We Skip Next Day Delivery, and You Should Too

Next day delivery seemed like the best invention ever when we first heard about it years ago. No...

17 Nov 2023

Art of repairing clothes

Mastering the Art of Clothes Repair: Save Money, Save the Planet

Reclaim the ripped and broken items from the back of your wardrobe, save money and save the planet....

10 Nov 2023


Brand Spotlight: TALA

Repair, reuse, relove, RETALA. We’re beyond excited to be able to finally spill the beans about our latest...

30 Oct 2023


Brand Spotlight: Kickers

Give your old kicks a new home with our takeback partners Kickers. Kickers were one of the first brands...

27 Oct 2023


The Slow Fashion Mindset Shift: Why Quality And Sustainability Are The New Fashion Trends

When it feels like the world of fashion is constantly changing, there’s one revolution that’s here to stay...

19 Oct 2023

Digital Product Passports

Unlocking the Sustainable Future: The Power of Digital Product Passports

Sustainable practices are entering into the world of fashion and textiles, and the European Union is about to...

13 Oct 2023

Vegan Leather Sustainable.png

Vegan Leather - Is The Environmental Leather Alternative as Sustainable as it Seems?

Making conscious choices matters more than it ever have before, and in recent years, vegan leather has emerged...

11 Oct 2023

What is World Circular Textile Day

World Circular Textile Day: Promoting A More Sustainable Fashion Future

The 8th of October marks World Circular Textile Day, and we wanted to take the opportunity to share...

6 Oct 2023


Creating Your Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

The days are getting shorter, and the trees are turning golden. Yep, it’s that time of year again,...

29 Sep 2023

Parlez brand spotlight reskinned

Brand Spotlight: Parlez Clothing

Have you met Parlez? Our Bristolian brand partners are cool as can be, and their takeback scheme makes...

28 Sep 2023

Penelope Chilvers

Brand Spotlight - Penelope Chilvers

Say a warm welcome to our latest brand partner. We’re excited to announce that you can now send...

22 Sep 2023


London Fashion Week - The Sustainable Edit

It's London Fashion Week (and we have mixed feelings). Fashion Week causes a bit of controversy around sustainability....

19 Sep 2023

How to avoid shopping regrets.png

No Regrets: Understanding, Avoiding and Dealing with Shopping Mistake Guilt

A feeling that most of us have experienced before - buying something without thinking it through, and coming...

13 Sep 2023


Is your favourite ‘green' product as eco-friendly as it claims to be?

Greenwashing is a term that gets bandied around a lot, but what actually does it mean, and how...

11 Sep 2023

Is tercel sustainable

Tencel: Is This Sustainable Fabric Really the Real Deal?

TENCEL™ is the fabric that’s been getting attention when it comes to eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable fashion. But...

8 Sep 2023

second hand September

It’s Second Hand September - How Can You Take Part?

Initiatives like Second Hand September are taking the world by storm. This is everything you need to know...

30 Aug 2023


Brand Spotlight: Salt-Water Sandals

We’re proud to power the takeback for Salt-Water Sandals - affectionately known as “salties” by their fans all...

24 Aug 2023

Fashion Dictionary - Reskinned

Pre-loved Fashion Dictionary: Decoding the Language of Sustainable Style

The world of fashion – it's not just about clothing anymore; it's a language, a lifestyle, and now,...

22 Aug 2023

Shop sustainably on. budget

How to shop for clothes sustainably on a budget

Sustainable shopping has got a bit of a reputation over the years as not being for everyone. With...

18 Aug 2023

Oliver Bonas

Brand Spotlight: Oliver Bonas

Welcome to the Reskinned family Oliver Bonas! You can now trade in your old Oliver Bonas clothes, shoes...

15 Aug 2023

How to recycle old school uniform

How to Recycle Old School Uniforms

It’s the end of the school year and their uniforms are looking pretty well-worn. Those white polo shirts...

9 Aug 2023

Dune London

Brand Spotlight: Dune London

Reskinned have partnered with Dune London to provide you with the ultimate solution to deal with the shoes,...

7 Aug 2023

preloved jeans

Why Choose Pre-Loved Jeans? A Guide to Sustainable Denim

Everyone from toddlers to grandmas has a pair of jeans in their wardrobe. But it’s not often that...

28 Jul 2023

blog covers-3.png

10 reasons you should participate in a takeback scheme

Takeback schemes are getting pretty popular, and we’ll take a bit of credit for that!...

26 Jul 2023

sustainable Adventure

How to Go on an Epic Adventure (Sustainably, of course!)

It’s the perfect time of year to go on an adventure. There’s nothing better than immersing yourself in...

21 Jul 2023

Plastic Free July.png

What is Plastic Free July? How it Began and How to Take Part

Ready to join the millions of people all over the world who are taking on the challenge of...

5 Jul 2023

Sustainable Swimwear Fabrics

Sustainable Swimwear Fabrics

Swot up on how to choose the best sustainable swimwear fabrics for your summer holidays, from synthetic to...

30 Jun 2023

Wardrobe Psychology: Too Many Clothes? These 11 Reasons Show Why Your Wardrobe Is Packed

Wardrobe Psychology - Why Your Wardrobe Is Packed

Wardrobe Psychology: Too Many Clothes? These 11 Reasons Show Why Your Wardrobe Is Packed...

21 Jun 2023

Clothing and Sustainable Summer Holidays

The Ultimate Packing Guide for an Eco-Friendly Summer Holiday

You’ve finally managed to find a time that everyone’s free, nailed down the location and booked your flights....

16 Jun 2023

How to shop smarter and save our ocean

How To: Shop Smarter and Save Our Ocean

With everything from microplastics to wastewater affecting marine life and water quality, now is the time to start...

8 Jun 2023

The Creative Designers Tackling Fashion Waste through Upcycling

The Creative Designers Tackling Fashion Waste through Upcycling

The fashion world has turned to creative upcycling as the answer to the growing fast-fashion environmental issues....

1 Jun 2023

How to Sustainably Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Summer: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Fashion Choices

How to Sustainably Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Summer: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Fashion Choices

Refresh your seasonal wardrobe sustainably with our essential tips on transitioning from winter to summer styles....

26 May 2023

Ross Barry, Co-Founder of Reskinned LMB Textile Recycling UK

The Story Behind LMB Textile Recycling

We catch up with Reskinned CEO and Co-Founder about the role of recycling in Reskinned’s model, and where...

16 May 2023

What’s the Fashion Revolution?

What is the Fashion Revolution?

It’s Fashion Revolution Week! Get yourself acquainted with the global fashion movement that’s taking on fast fashion and...

27 Apr 2023

How to Dispose of Old Underwear

How to Dispose of Old Underwear

Confused about what you should do with your old pants and socks? Try these easy and creative ways...

21 Apr 2023

What is the environmental impact of returning clothes cover Reskinned

What is the environmental impact of returning clothes?

With the increased ease of being able to buy clothes online, try them on at home and return...

14 Apr 2023

what is feedstock reskinned

What is feedstock?

Reskinned are proud to supply feedstock materials to emerging designers who are using deadstock and recycled materials into...

3 Apr 2023

Sustainable fabrics Reskinned

5 sustainable fabrics you need to know about

“Sustainability” is a word that is used generously, to say the least. In a sea of “sustainable fabric”...

31 Mar 2023

Meet Claire - Reskinned repair specialist

Meet Claire: Our in house repair specialist

We are passionate about taking the time to repair clothes that still have life left in them rather...

21 Mar 2023

Can you put your jeans in the freezer

Jeans in freezer - can you freeze jeans to clean them

Sticking your jeans in the freezer is a tip that’s been around for generations as a way of...

15 Mar 2023

What is a capsule wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe?

“Capsule wardrobes” are a bit of a sustainability buzzword. If you’re even just low-key interested in sustainable fashion, and...

8 Mar 2023


12 Reasons to shop pre-loved

You don’t need us to tell you why pre-loved is best, but we’re going to do it anyway....

2 Mar 2023

River Island x Reskinned takeback programme


Trade in your old River Island clothes in store and online and get rewarded....

24 Feb 2023

Textile recycling fact reskinned

Textile recycling facts you didn’t know about

(Trust us, they’re pretty interesting!)...

20 Feb 2023

Seasalt Cornwall blog cover Reskinned

Brand spotlight: Seasalt Cornwall

Another day, another brand to sink your teeth into. We’re so excited to tell you that you can...

13 Feb 2023

what to do with old clothes

What to do with old clothes

We all have those items at the back of the wardrobe. Those clothes with the missing button, or...

7 Feb 2023

Sustainable new year's resolutions

Sustainable New year's Resolutions

It's a tale as old as time. January is THE month to start something new (or do something...

30 Jan 2023

Renewcell - partnering with innovative recyclers

Spotlight on: Renewcell

Partnering with innovative recyclers to make fashion more circular. We believe there is a better way to dress our...

24 Jan 2023

5 positive things

5 positive things that happened in 2022 in the textile industry

2022 was a big year for so many reasons, but in a niche corner of the world were...

16 Jan 2023

powering a more circular fashion future

Reskinned: Powering a more circular fashion future

We’ll proudly tell anyone who’ll listen that Reskinned are powering a more circular fashion future but what does...

19 Dec 2022

How to care for your fleece and knits

How to care for your knits and fleeces

Make your knits and fleeces last longer with Reskinned’s easy tips. Knits come in all forms (and sizes). From...

5 Dec 2022

Blog cover - How to have a sustainable christmas


It’s the most wonderful time of the year (but also the season of plenty). We’ve put together our...

29 Nov 2022

How to be sustainable this Black Friday

How to be sustainable this Black Friday

It feels like you blink and Black Friday has come around again. Black Friday can be a great...

25 Nov 2022

Reskinned IRL

RESKINNED IRL - Come visit us!

Discover Reskinned’s best selection of curated vintage and good-as-new activewear - in real life! We’re popping up! This November...

15 Nov 2022

Humans Being by Rita Ora - Reskinned

Spotlight on Humans Being

Round Round Baby. Trade in old garments for a discount off your next Humans Being purchase....

7 Nov 2022

Preloved activewear

Pre-loved Activewear: Run towards your next wardrobe obsession

You're going to fall in love with someone else's Sweaty* leggings, we promise. (*Sweaty Betty of course! What...

21 Oct 2022

How long does it take for my clothes to biodegrade

How long does it take for my clothes to biodegrade?

Now we're in the business of firmly believing that the following information shouldn't really come in any use...

17 Oct 2022

reality of resale

The Reality of Clothes Resale

We love takeback and resale, and we’re the first people to tell you that both are important pillars...

11 Oct 2022

How does takeback programme work? - Reskinned

How does takeback programme work?

Takeback is a relatively new term but it’s growing in popularity. ‘Takeback’ is when a brand or business...

7 Oct 2022


How to sustainably transition from your Summer to Winter wardrobe.

The weather is getting cooler and the nights are getting longer. Follow these easy tips to sustainably update...

30 Sep 2022

blog covers.png

Joules x Reskinned: Sustainably dressing your family.

Joules x Reskinned is getting bigger....

28 Sep 2022

LFW blog cover (1).png

London Fashion Week has been and gone, and the number of designers who are pushing sustainability might surprise you…

London Fashion Week 2022 has just ended, and what an event it was....

27 Sep 2022



E.L.V. Denim take stocks of old discarded denim and transforms them into modern, sophisticated and even 'made to...

13 Sep 2022

How do you throw away clothes?

How do you throw away clothes?

Spoiler alert: you don’t....

13 Sep 2022


Why We Don't Care About Packaging: Reducing Waste in the Fast Fashion Industry

Send your old clothes in a Tesco bag? Sure! We do things differently here at Reskinned. Unlike other...

7 Sep 2022


Finisterre: Why we launched takeback and resale

We chat to Adele from Finisterre about launching Reskinned's first resale/takeback programme, how the journey looks from a...

7 Sep 2022

blog covers (2).png

Is denim bad for the environment?

What is the true cost of denim? And how bad is it really to buy a new pair...

24 Aug 2022

shoes waste old shoes

How to Get Rid of Old Shoes Sustainably

Confused about what to do with old shoes? Worry no more. We've found out all you need to...

24 Aug 2022

second hand sweaty betty

Second Hand Sweaty Betty: Good as new, discounted for less

Looking for a discount code for Sweaty Betty leggings? Look no further. We’ve got your dream activewear but...

3 Aug 2022

blog covers.png

RESKINNED: The future of Takeback and Resale

We debrief with Reskinned CEO and Co-Founder about the future of takeback, and why Reskinned was born....

29 Jul 2022

Why we’re dipping our toes in the vintage pool

Sustainable vintage fashion you'll love from Reskinned

We’ve only just launched our resale platform, so why the move into the vintage market already?...

15 Jul 2022


Upcycling - the sustainable trend taking the fashion industry by storm

The future of fashion is circular. And we’re here to make sure that happens as swiftly as possible....

8 Jun 2022



We’re passionate about extending the lifecycle of clothing because we care about doing what’s best for the environment....

7 Jun 2022

Wetsuits From Wetsuits 2.0


After an incredible response, we’ve hit our target and the wetsuit take-back window is now closed. Reskinned is...

1 Jun 2022



We believe there is a better way to dress our future....

3 May 2022

/Users/emilylovemunden/Downloads/blog covers-8.png

How to detox your wardrobe

Tips to help clear out your wardrobe to make getting dressed as fun and easy as it should...

13 Apr 2022

what is circular fashion

What is circular fashion?

Fashion loves a buzz word and one you’ve probably come across a few times is “circular economy”. ...

13 Apr 2022

make your clothes last longer

How to to make your clothes last longer

Loved clothes last. Whether you’re looking to wear your favourite clothes for years to come, or you want...

13 Apr 2022

reskinned values


Our values are important to us. They hold us accountable and help us navigate the big decisions, making...

13 Apr 2022

how to shop more sustainably

Sustainable Clothes Shopping Habits to Save Money and Reduce your Environmental Impact

Buying less is easier said than done. These easy tips will help you navigate the world of sustainable...

13 Apr 2022

meet reskinned


Reskinned is founded on the idea that we should maximise the potential of every item of clothing, that...

13 Apr 2022

visible mending reskinned

Why do we love visible mending so much?

Reskinned sells anything that can be worn again....

13 Apr 2022


How to dress more sustainably at a festival

Easy ways to dress more sustainably at a festival. Wear what you own, swap rent or borrow clothes,...

13 Apr 2022

lottie slow fashion journey

Reskinned Stories: Lottie Hanson-Lowe

Meet the team: We talk to Reskinned member Lottie about her sustainable fashion journey....

13 Apr 2022

responsible recycling

What is Responsible Recycling?

We talk about "recycling responsibly" a lot but what does it actually mean? It’s easy to get confused about...

13 Apr 2022

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