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Joules x Reskinned: Sustainably dressing your family.

28 Sep 2022

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Joules x Reskinned is getting bigger.

Family favourite heritage brand Joules have launched resale with Reskinned. Discover heritage, British clothes for all the family, as a fraction of the original cost. Here’s everything you need to know about our latest takeback and resale collaboration, ‘The Joules ReWear Programme’.


What is the ReWear Programme

You can now buy any pre-loved and repaired Joules clothing that has been taken back for recycling by others, removing the possibility that items end up in landfill.

Through the Joules ReWear online shop, you can discover hundreds of good-as-new styles, from classic pieces to those not seen before, all at great prices. Clothing passes a thorough grading process, where quality and condition are closely checked, and ozone-cleansing is carried out. Each piece is hand-picked and curated by the Reskinned team, who certify that every garment is in its best condition and ready to be sent to its new home.

The Joules ReWear shop also means we now have a huge range of kids clothing on offer, making it even easier to shop preloved for the entire family.


How do I send back my old Joules clothes?

You can use any parcel or packaging you have at home to send in your takeback items. Visit our website and click “Get Started” to list the items you’re sending in, and details on where to send them. We will take any item of Joules clothing.

We’ll take any Joules clothes, no matter the condition, size or gender. It’s a great option for kids' clothes that can’t be donated.

We get it. Kids grow fast and their clothes can get a real battering. A mixture of spilled drinks, paint marks and grass stains means that not everything they grow out of is good enough to be reworn. We’ll accept clothes from the entire family, no matter their condition. It makes things easy for you, and we hope to expand our family offering in the future. We’re already working with a range of brands like Joules to take back unwanted clothes.

What happens to Joules clothes that I send back?

We sort everything by hand. Items that are good enough for resale will be sold on our platform or through one of our partner markets, like Ebay. We make repairs to anything that needs repairing and we also Ozone-cleanse every item of clothing. Some clothes that aren’t good enough to wear but have some life in them will be upcycled. The clothes that are truly stained and truly torn are responsibly recycled through our sister business, LMB Textiles.

What do I get in return for sending back my preloved Joules clothes?

As a thank you for joining the ReWear initiative, you'll receive a discount code for up to £25 to spend next time you shop at Joules, online or instore.

Learn more about how it all works. Don’t let good taste go to waste.

About Joules

Joules is a British clothing company which sells clothing and homeware products inspired by British country lifestyles. The founder Tom Joule described the business model in 2011 as creating clothing with "colour and fun and entertainment".

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