or recycled

Reskinned is here to free the unworn, unloved clothing and footwear living at the back of your wardrobe.

We’re designing clever tech and new systems that make it easier to get the things you don’t wear into the hands of the people who will value them most.

We promise to reuse or recycle 100% of what we receive and ensure 0% enters landfill.

With over £30 Billion worth of unworn clothing living at the back of Britain’s wardrobes* new models are required to ensure our clothing’s potential is maximised. We provide the technology and systems to make it more convenient for people to participate in clothing reuse.
*(source: WRAP)


We collaborate with brands to power buyback tech that enables customers to trade in clothes. We also help your favourite designers to offer alternative ownership models to outright purchase.


Searching for a new look, without the guilt? We’re making it easy for everyone to find preloved clothes at great prices. A little reuse makes a big difference to the environment.

0% landfill

We all need to get better at turning old into new. At Reskinned, we ensure that worn-out clothing is recycled using the most effective mechanical or chemical processes. We check that recycled textiles are free from potential contaminants and can be reprocessed effectively.

Mechanical recycling turns old, unwanted fibres into things like car insulation or wipes for use in industry.

Chemical recycling breaks down a garment’s materials to produce virgin fibres for new clothes.