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At Reskinned we’re here to create a more sustainable clothing world.

Our mission –

We believe there is a better way to dress our future. Reskinned are linking up existing solutions with new tech ideas to create more options for people and brands to rehome unwanted clothes. Through resale, repair and innovative recycling, we’re realising a more sustainable fashion future.

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No more clothes in landfill

What happens to the clothes I send back? –

All clothes are resold, repurposed or recycled. If they can be worn again, they will. We’ll make any repairs and clean up anything before it hits our resale platform or pop-up events. Items that are good quality but not quite right for the UK market are sent to our long-term partners in other markets, where they are sold to people who want them. Different strokes for different folks.

The Stats



Makes the Reskinned resale grade



Made available for reuse elsewhere



Recycled responsibly



That's right, zero landfill

Just like you, we’re people who need more options for clothes at the back of our wardrobes... We’re mixing over 20 years of recycling experience and investing in modern tech solutions, creating new ways for pre-loved clothes to keep on, keeping on.

We’re not doing this alone. We’ve built a community of brands, recyclers, makers and individuals to point your old jeans in the right direction. We know who's who and what’s what.

We collect unwanted clothes and sort them by hand (old school, but it’s the best way). Depending on their condition, they’re then resold, repurposed or recycled.


Reskinned Resale

The good stuff goes here. If it can be worn again, it will.

Our pre-loved clothing passes a thorough grading process where we check its quality and condition. Items are then ozone sanitised (a zero-water, eco-friendly cleaning process) so they smell fresh as new.

These clothes are then sold back to the public for around 40-50% of the original price. This basically means you can get your favourite brand, but for cheaper.

We want clothes to be worn. Any item that we don’t think will sell well in the UK is then resold to our long term partners in other markets such as Europe, where we know there is a different type of demand. And no, we don’t let these items end up in a forgotten warehouse or waste site.

Sounds great, but what’s the catch?

No catch. We want it to be easier to pass on clothes you don’t want anymore and to get your hands on good quality pre-loved items. Unlike other resale platforms, we have established relationships with brands. Lot of our stock has come directly from them. Our cleaning facilities means we can refresh stained items that might have otherwise been incinerated or end up in landfill.

It’s like buying new, only better for the environment. It’s all the good stuff - like being able to return items that don’t work out, a guarantee on cleanliness and assurance on condition.


Reskinned Repurpose

If it’s not quite right for resale, we’ll repurpose it.

We love upcycling and are already working with designers like E.L.V. Denim and Ahluwalia to turn the good bits of old clothes into something new.


Reskinned Recycle

What does responsible recycling mean? –

Recycling is a bit of a confusing word in the UK. We want a future where all fabrics can be recycled into new fabrics but we’re not quite there yet with the tech. But all is not lost.

Advancements are being made everyday. We make the most of what’s available now, and invest in growth and developments for the future.

We work with brands to find new ways to turn end of life stuff into something useful. That means repurposing a lot of what can’t be worn into new products through a process called “mechanical recycling”. We basically shred material down for things like pet bed stuffing and car insulation.

We like to keep things relevant to the brand. Your old Sweaty Betty leggings might be used to fill a punching bag.

Our biggest goal is to create more options for circularity closer to home. Reskinned are exploring ways to turn old fabrics into new ones through tech investment. We’ve partnered with the people who can do this already, and we support development with the little guys who have not quite got there yet. At Reskinned, we have multiple textile recycling solutions and our team has been in the business for more than 20 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t.



It’s early days for this type of recycling but this is sciency stuff of the future.

Right now, we can recycle pure cotton and certain cotton blends. Reskinned are investing in research to get to a place where all clothes can be turned back into a material which can be used for new clothes. We want to reuse what we can, slow down the overproduction of new fabrics and support a more circular production process which is kinder to people and the planet.

A lot of work goes into fibre-to-fibre recycling before we can reprocess your old clothes. Zips, buttons, any non compliant panels or other foreign objects have to be removed. Then a garment has to go through a shredding process so it’s the right size before it can go to the processing plant.

It’s hard work, but it’s honest work.

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