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1 Jun 2022

Wetsuits From Wetsuits 2.0

After an incredible response, we’ve hit our target and the wetsuit take-back window is now closed. Reskinned is sorting all the suits ready to be sent to Circular Flow for the next phase, turning your old wetsuits into new cold-water gear.

What’s this new partnership between Reskinned, Finisterre, and Circular Flow all about?

Finisterre, Circular Flow and Reskinned have come together to launch a takeback programme exclusively for wetsuits that have passed their best. Globally, an estimated 8,380 tonnes of old wetsuits end up in landfills each year. Alongside this, neoprene is notoriously difficult to recycle, but the guys over at Circular Flow think they might just have a solution. So, we’re banding together to see if we can make it happen.

So what is Wetsuits from Wetsuits?

Wetsuits from Wetsuits is an initiative launched by Finisterre, which began when they wanted to look into recycling wetsuits, due to neoprene’s negative environmental impact. Prior to this, Finisterre made an eco-wetsuit using Yulex Pure®, made from rubber trees, but they still felt there was more to be done.

Read more about the initiative here.

Why is Reskinned getting involved?

Reskinned believes in the power of technology innovation in the recycling space. According to the Scaling Circularity report by Global Fashion Agenda, ‘the fashion industry could become 80% circular by 2030 if there is increased investment in existing recycling technologies and infrastructures’. We want to support companies that are looking to create a more sustainable fashion future, just like us.

We are passionate about driving up-and-coming, innovative technology in the recycling space. We are also passionate about building meaningful partnerships with like-minded companies, as we see the circular fashion space as one powered by collaboration. Competition shouldn’t have a step-in here, we’re working towards a collective goal of a healthier, happier planet.

As previously mentioned, investment in the recycling space will be the catalyst for dynamic change. Over the past six years, Circular Flow - a recycling company based in Suffolk - has been developing the technology and manufacturing processes to recycle neoprene into a new sheet of fabric. This has never been done before, so we’re incredibly excited to be able to be involved in this closed-loop recycling scheme. To read more about their processes, click here. They will be taking the wetsuits sent back by Reskinned x Finisterre and putting their concept into practice. They need about one thousand wetsuits to get it off the ground, so if you do have an old wetsuit lying around that’s past its prime, either send it in via the takeback page* or drop it off at your nearest Finisterre store. This takeback program will be running between the 1st of June and the 30th of June. As a thank you for helping Reskinned, Finisterre, and Circular Flow develop a more circular fashion future, you’ll get 20% off your next order with Finisterre.

*Please note that we can accept up to five wetsuits per parcel. Please contact if you would like to return more than five. T&Cs available via the takeback page.

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