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3 May 2022


We believe there is a better way to dress our future.

Straight up, we want to build an empowered community of people who can make the most of clothes already in existence, through resale, reuse and recycling. We want to have the strongest network of people, changemakers and businesses who can all play a role in building a most sustainable fashion industry.

The big vision…

Keep clothes keeping on

We want every item of clothing that CAN BE WORN again TO BE WORN again.


By offering trusted takeback and resale schemes with loved brands, we make it easy for you to pass your less-reached-for clothes on to someone else. We also take time to sort items by hand, repair anything that needs a little bit of TLC and professionally clean every item before selling it on our resale platform, or passing them on to a trusted partner who can find homes where they’ll be loved.

A textile recycling industry that can handle the volume of end-of-life clothes and truly offer circular solutions

We want to make the most of the recycling tech innovations out there, help create new ones through research and investment, and make sure clothes are being responsibly recycled in the most sustainable way possible.


We want a future where all fabrics can be recycled into new fabrics, but we’re not quite there yet with the tech. Our biggest goal is to create more options for circularity closer to home. Reskinned are exploring ways to turn old fabrics into new ones through tech investment. We’ve partnered with the people who can do this already, and we support development with the little guys who have not quite got there yet. At Reskinned, we have multiple textile recycling solutions and our team has been in the business for more than 20 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Fashion designers and brands create with end-of-life in mind

We want all clothing designers to understand what happens when an item can’t be worn again. We want them to design for circularity, so that when the time comes, we can get the most out of every item of clothing on this planet. That means being smart about fabric choice, embellishments and even the technicalities of the design. Let’s make it easy to recycle, but also easier to keep it around for longer. Adjustable waists, anyone?


We know a lot about how clothes are recycled now. We’ve personally got 20 years of experience, and you can add another 40 years to that if you count family history and expertise. We also know alot about where recycling is moving and the new tech that is on the horizon. We work closely with brands to inform them about what actually happens to clothes that are recycled with us. We also make recommendations about how design can impact recyclability. We’re all about sharing information and keeping people (as well as clothes) in the loop.

Reskinned is becomes the most reliable, respected and exciting resale platform out there

We want to be the most reliable and trusted resale platform out there, with clothes that people genuinely want. We want our platform to grow sustainably, and for us to be able to offer take back schemes that work at scale.


We know what makes us different. We take time to put in the work to offer clothes that are in really good condition and are approved by the brands we’re representing. We’ve built a takeback model that is scalable. The more clothes we take and the more brands we work with, the more we will grow the team and warehouse space. We also think long and hard about the brands we do work with. We make sure that all brands we work with have the same vision for a sustainable future of fashion.

The final word…

We’re in this for the long haul, and we are here to help build a fashion industry that works with the planet, not against it. We’re pretty proud of our community and what we’ve achieved so far. At the end of the day, we’re here to make big ideas about sustainability actually happen, and make those sustainability ideas sustainable.

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