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Spotlight on Humans Being

7 Nov 2022

Humans Being by Rita Ora - Reskinned

Round Round Baby. Trade in old garments for a discount off your next Humans Being purchase.

When it comes to fashion and activewear, we need to close the loop. It’s estimated that 92 million tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill every year. Fast fashion pumps out more clothing made of virgin plastics, destined for this fate. But we can change that, together.

You can now send any clothes to us and we’ll find a new home or recycle them responsibly. We’ve teamed up with new sustainable activewear brand Humans Being (by Rita Ora) to power any clothing takeback for discounts off new, sustainable pieces. Humans Being gives you 10% off your next order every time you send us your old kit. However well-loved it might be, working with Humans Being, we’ll either recondition your old garments or recycle the materials. So you can invest in your workout capsule wardrobe.

Who are Humans Being?

Humans Being is a new sustainable activewear and loungewear brand by singer Rita Ora. They’re focused on recycled and sustainable materials while not compromising on looking good.

The range uses sustainable and recycled materials such as organic cotton and Antex, a recycled nylon made from plastic bottles. They’ve also teamed up with World Land Trust. Over the next 5 years, they plan to purchase more than 10,000 acres of rainforest, save more than 2 million trees, and protect more than 5.2million tonnes of carbon.

Why we’re so excited about this collaboration with Humans Being

We think it's a radically circular approach to build takeback into a brand’s model from the off. Takeback truly is the future of fashion and brands that recognise the importance of supporting customers with end of life clothing care are paving the way for a sustainable revolution. By ensuring customers know what they can do with their worn out product from the moment of purchase, we can save huge volumes of clothing from landfill, and reduce the impacts of textile waste. This means less carbon emissions, less need for more products, and a lot more clothes getting a second chance at love.

How can you shop the range and get involved with takeback

Head to Humans Being to discover the collection and find out more about takeback. This takeback works just like our others. Simply fill out the form about what you’re sending to Reskinned, return your items using any packaging you have at home, and once they’ve made their way to us, we’ll send you details on how to claim your discount against your next Humans Being purchase.

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