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How to detox your wardrobe

13 Apr 2022

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Tips to help clear out your wardrobe to make getting dressed as fun and easy as it should be.

The average British woman has £504 worth of unwanted clothing hanging up at home. Don’t save your Spring cleaning for Spring-time. All year round you can benefit from detoxing your wardrobe and clearing out the things you’re not wearing and swap them for things you’ll love. These timeless tips will help you refine your wardrobe and create systems that work for you year in and year out.

A wardrobe detox is a great way to refine your personal style and prepare for the season ahead. If a detox session of the entire wardrobe feels like too much to handle in one go, why not split your closet detox into parts - taking on trousers one day, and t-shirts the next? 

Trust us when we say, the decluttering process will make your wardrobe feel lighter in just a few hours. And our step by step guide means a wardrobe detox has never been simpler, and even - dare we say it - fun?

If you’re on a mission to clear your space, why not check out our post on how to transition your wardrobe from winter to summer, or find out why buying pre-loved is so much better than new.


The first step in your wardrobe detox journey is to create a mood that will make you feel good.

How are you going to do this? Alone with a good playlist? Or a favourite Netflix show playing in the background? Are you going to invite your friend round for some physical and emotional support? Decide what will work best for you and have fun with it. 

A wardrobe detox can be sociable and cathartic. It’s good to take a minute to go through things, if not for the environment, then for yourself. 

As a general rule, we recommend doing an entire wardrobe audit once every six months to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the things you own and love, and keeping the space clean and clear.


Most of us already have some sort of organisational system in our wardrobe, even if that can sometimes slip. Work through your wardrobe in sections. Pick a section to start with like tops or trousers, or start with a particular drawer.

Take everything out of the wardrobe and start sorting. You can work through several sections over the course of a day or break the task up over several weekends.

how to detox your wardrobe


Your clothes are out of the wardrobe and you forgot how much room you actually had in there. Take this moment to give your wardrobe a quick clean. Start with a dusting and even give it a wipe down if needed. Make sure it’s dry before putting anything back.


Most of us can benefit from using storage organisers. Packing cases, shoe organisers and multi hangers are all part of the growing list of products on the market that can help you maintain your organisational categories in your wardrobe.

Opting to streamline all your hangers to the same plastic or wooden hangers instead of mismatched random ones can really help to make your wardrobe feel like somewhere you would choose to shop.

If you have shelves, having transparent cases that you can pull out is a great way to make sure you don’t forget the things at the back of the wardrobe.


Figure out what system you want to categorise your clothes into. Start to build your piles. Some inspiration includes:

  • Keep: I absolutely love and wear all the time
  • Store: I wear this but not at the moment (because of the weather)
  • Fix: I really like this but it’s broken or needs altering
  • I don’t really wear this / maybe time to pass on
wardrobe clear out


By now you probably have a growing pile of clothes you’re not really wearing. Start off by asking yourself: why? Here are some prompts and actions to get you started:


Fair enough, we don’t all want to wear that shimmy number you bought for New Year on our grocery run. If you’ve not worn it in a while, try it on to make sure it still fits and you still feel comfortable in it. If it’s all good, these items can go back in the wardrobe. It’s ok to keep some things for occasions. But also believe us when we say, just go for it. Dress items down with casual accessories and other more casual items in your wardrobes.

Life is too short not to make every day an occasion, in our opinion.


Those pieces you bought with all the intention of looking like your favourite celebrity, but ended up never knowing what to pair them with (unfortunately they don’t come with the personal celebrity stylist!) We know how tempting it is to hold on to them on the off chance that inspiration will suddenly hit, but it doesn't quite work like that.

The good news is, we can bring the inspiration to us. Have a look on social media and Pinterest for some great outfit suggestions. Search for similar items and see how others have styled it.

Compare this inspo to things you already have in your wardrobe and have a try on session. Take photos if you think you’ll forget the looks you like. If you’re missing that perfect item to pair, check out Reskinned Resale to see if we have what you’re looking for.


One of the best parts about doing a wardrobe detox is discovering some of those amazing things you bought and then completely forgot about. And hey, we get it - sometimes with even the best intentions things go missing at the back of the wardrobe. But ask yourself this: Are you actually planning on wearing this item?

Challenge yourself to wear anything you rediscover in the next month at least twice. Make sure they have a spot proud and centre at the front of your wardrobe and use wardrobe organisers to ensure items at the back of the wardrobe don’t get forgotten. Because even if you love it, if you’re never going to wear it, maybe it’s time to admit defeat and pass it on to someone who will.


We’ll be real with you. It’s time to let it go. Clothes should work for us, we shouldn’t work for the clothes. Obviously each person is different, but it’s important to remember that bodies change all the time and it’s very normal for clothes that fit well once to not fit now.

They may have never even fitted that well in the first place. And if it’s not comfortable? No one has time for that. Send it on to the person who will love it. If you like the style, look for something pre-loved that will fit you more comfortably.


Well then, time to say goodbye. Case closed.


Why are you bored of it? Did you overwear it? Have you run out of ideas on how to style it? Have a bit of time away from it. If you feel comfortable that you will reach for it again then put it back in your wardrobe.

If you’re not convinced it’s you any more, put it in a bag and place it somewhere temporarily like a storage cupboard or under the bed. Make a note and set a reminder to return to that bag in 6 months time. Time away can reignite that love. If you get that giddy feeling when you open the bag back up, keep it. If you forgot it was even there, pass it on.


These ones are the hard ones. Clothes can hold a lot of memories, good and bad. We can’t tell you what to do but ask yourself, “is holding on to this adding anything to my life?” You’ll know what’s right. Clothes in good condition deserve a chance to be loved and worn. If you can, set it free.

Side note: if you’ve got a whole suitcase of old baby clothes stashed in your storage, slim that pile down. Pick 2-3 items you really love and bring you joy for the memories box. There are lots of brilliant charities that redistribute worn baby clothes to parents in need. A photo can really say a thousand words, and clear a lot of space too. Why not take pics of some of the special pieces you want to remember, so you can revisit their memory without clogging up your cupboards?

sell old clothes



See if any friends or family want them before you do anything else. There’s nothing better than being invited round to someone’s house to rifle through their old things and find stuff you’d love to wear. And it feels special to share clothes with those we love.

That top we wore for our honeymoon can be passed on to a younger family member who will wear it on their summer holiday, and it could even be passed on again, creating special memories that keep you all close.

And never underestimate how much your thrifty sewing friends would appreciate old clothes, even if you feel like they’re worthless. You see rubbish, they see their next project.


If you want to try reselling yourself, there are lots of apps and platforms you can list your item on. Less distance travelled means less carbon impact, so signing up for local clothes sales and car boot sales is a great way to minimise your carbon footprint.

If your items fall into the listed categories as part of the Reskinned takeback scheme, send them to us and get rewarded.


If your clothes are eligible for a Takeback programme run by Reskinned but you're worried they're too past it to be worn again, still send them to us.

We always opt for reuse over recycling so no wearable clothes will be wasted unnecessarily. And anything that’s seen better days, we’ll recycle for you.  If you have clothes that aren't suitable for Reskinned, donate them to your local charity shop or your local textile recycling bank (check your Council's website for guidance).

You did it. You refreshed your wardrobe. Seasonal clearouts can help us rediscover forgotten items and remind us that we don’t necessarily need to add anything new. We recommend doing a wardrobe clearout at least once a year but don’t let us hold you back if you’ve caught the Marie Kondo vibe.

And if you’ve got some gaps that could be filled with pre-loved gems, check out our latest drop. We’ve got some seriously good stuff (and great prices too!)

Sign up to Reskinned to find out more about what we do and be the first to find out when drops are happening from the brands you love.

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