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13 Apr 2022

meet reskinned

Reskinned is founded on the idea that we should maximise the potential of every item of clothing, that preloved can be an appealing offer to everyone and that when things have reached the end of life, we should recycle them responsibly.

So who are Reskinned?

Like you, we’re people who want modern, easy to use options for the clothes we no longer wear.

Reskinned is founded by Matt and Ross. We’re building a network of options to extend the life of clothes. We’ve got over 20 years of experience in textile recycling and communications which means we’ve met a lot of different people along the way doing innovative things in the tech space, we know how to actually recycle clothes that are sent to us and we know how to upcycle clothes that might need a bit of refreshing.

We want to offer more options for circularity so we’re investing in businesses that are creating new types of recycling (fibre to fibre recycling - basically being able to turn old fabrics into new fabrics) and we’re working with brands to find new ways to repurpose their products at end of life.

We’ve been quietly building Reskinned over a few years, bringing together a dedicated team who are passionate about sustainability and slow fashion, and testing and perfecting collaborations with brands you know and love. We’re now ready to shout about the transformational work we’re doing and the exciting projects we’ve got planned.

We believe in transparency and community. We celebrate everyone in the Reskinned family, from our customers, to the team who sort everything out in the warehouse. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about the work we’re doing and get some scope behind the scenes.

What do we do?

We take clothes in any condition and sort them by hand to find the right next steps.

Resale -

We offer a curated selection of preloved clothes for you to shop from brands you love at a significant discount to highstreet prices. All clothes are in good condition, checked by hand and professionally cleaned.

Take Back -

We work with brands you know to offer take back schemes. Each brand has their own scheme but in a nutshell, you send us your clothes or take them to a participating retailer and in return you get a reward. For example, that reward might be a discount that can be used towards the purchase of new items from the brand you’ve sent us.

We’re the team behind the scene who are dealing with the logistics and sorting of everything that gets returned through brand take back schemes. If you see, “Powered by Reskinned”, you can be certain that positive things will happen. Good condition clothes go to resale, either on our platform or to a different market where we know there is demand. If they need refreshing, they may be recycled or simply repaired. If they’re really at the end of life, we recycle them responsibly. We’ve got lots of brands already signed up and more on the horizon.

Other bits-

We’re investing in ways to improve recycling. We’re using our knowledge and experience to build a reliable network of options for clothes that have really had it. We want to keep responsibility with the brand so we work closely with them to explore ways we can repurpose clothes and fibres into new products for them. We also work with the innovators who are inventing new ways to recycle fabrics into new fabrics. This is the nerdy stuff we’re really excited about. It’s going to change the game.

Do we need another resale platform?

The resale marketing is booming. The secondhand clothing market is growing 11 times faster than traditional retail, and is estimated to be worth more than double that of fast fashion, at $84 billion by 2030 (GlobalData). More and more people are comfortable with the idea of passing on their clothes they no longer wear or opting for preloved over new. With this growing market there is still a need for new spaces. We’ve been collecting clothes for years, and we often see items that are in great condition and perfect for resale that may have otherwise jumped the queue and gone straight to recycling.

We know there are a lot of you out there who want a more curated resale experience. That’s why we take time to make any necessary repairs, we invest in eco-friendly Ozone cleaning of clothes and we take time to take high quality photos. Our platform is really easy to use and you can return anything that doesn’t work out. By having strong relationships with the brand you might be searching for in the first place, we can promise quality and also help those brands take a more sustainable and responsible approach. And best of all, we will reward you for the clothes you send us within our take back scheme.

Sign up to Reskinned to find out more about what we do and be the first to find out when drops are happening from the brands you love.

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