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Finisterre: Why we launched takeback and resale

7 Sep 2022


We chat to Adele from Finisterre about launching Reskinned's first resale/takeback programme, how the journey looks from a brand's perspective, and how their customers have responded.

Adele Gingell is Senior Positive Impact Manager at Finisterre.

When did Finisterre decide to introduce a takeback scheme?

It was something we had been exploring for a number of years but the project properly kicked off at the end of 2019.

How and why did Finisterre choose Reskinned to partner with them?

We did a lot of research and spoke with a number of platforms worldwide to ensure we understood the complexities of the different types of takeback and resale models. Not only did Reskinned offer both of these, they like us also champion longevity and have a dedicated on site repairs team. Another deciding factor was their knowledge and experience in textile recycling. Recycling is a last resort but we acknowledge that some of our gear will be beyond the help of reasonable repair, so it was important for us to partner with someone that will responsibly recycle these items.

When did you feel ready as a brand to launch takeback?

Honestly it was quite a natural decision for us as a business.. We do our best to make clothes in the most sustainable way possible, so we also feel it is also our responsibility to consider how we can design sustainable practices for the end of a garment’s life too. Once we found the right partner (Reskinned), it was a quick process to get the takeback scheme up and running. It’s also been helpful in allowing us to expand other projects, like our Wetsuits from Wetsuits programme.

You were the first brand to launch resale with us. How was that process for you as a brand?

It was a really proud moment for us. We were blown away by the initial response both in terms of sell through and feedback from our community, and how that positive response has continued throughout subsequent drops.

How has Finisterre been involved in the running of the takeback and resale scheme? How hands-on has it been for you?

We have been pretty hands on throughout the entire process. The opportunity to frequently visit the warehouse has been really valuable as has meeting the team in person to collaborate on our resale drops. Although I should add, this isn't required, as the team has it nailed.

How has the takeback scheme been received by Finisterre customers?

We have had great engagement from our community since we launched takeback last year which has further grown since the launch of the resale site. We’ve been really impressed with the variety of products we have got back from customers, and their desire to opt for preloved or even repaired items.

How does the takeback scheme sit within Finisterre’s wider sustainability plans?

We are committed to completely closing the loop on our products. An integral part of that journey is adopting circular business principles that enable our products to last longer and have multiple lives beyond their original custodian. This is an ambitious commitment for such a wide product collection, but it’s not one we’re going to shy away from and our partnership with Reskinned has brought us one step closer to achieving our circularity goals.

With takeback and resale now launched we are working closely with the team and their network of recycling partners to process our end of life garments into new materials which will help us to close the loop on textile waste. It’s an exciting space!

What advice would you give to other brands who are considering introducing a takeback scheme?

When selecting a partner ensure that you choose someone that promotes longevity. Do the checks- for example, if garments cannot be repaired, do they have the correct infrastructure to responsibly recycle them? If they don’t, what are they doing with the clothes? A stand out for us is that Reskinned recycles everything themselves, unless it can be recycled in an innovative way through partners doing chemical recycling, so we can be really on top of everything that is happening with items received through takeback.

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