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How to sustainably transition from your Summer to Winter wardrobe.

30 Sep 2022


The weather is getting cooler and the nights are getting longer. Follow these easy tips to sustainably update your wardrobe from Summer to Winter.

1 - Get those final wears in!

Have a look in your wardrobe and check what you haven’t worn this summer. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you still want it? If you want to keep it, that’s ok. Sometimes certain items just end up a little bit forgotten at the back of the wardrobe. See if you can get some wear out of them before the weather turns! If you’re telling yourself you have nowhere to wear it to, what are you waiting for? We don’t need to keep saving things for special occasions or those “dressing nice” days. Just wear them and feel fab!

If you’re feeling a reluctance to wear it, ask yourself why! Can you make it feel more you by dyeing it or changing the buttons?

2 - Get your wardrobe organised

Explore which items you have and haven’t worn. Changing seasons are a great time to pass on clothes you no longer love. The average British woman has £504 worth of unwanted clothing hanging up at home. That’s £504 that you could get back through resale. Luckily we’re one step ahead with our easy to follow guide on how to detox your wardrobe, and what to do with old clothes you no longer need. Remember to store your clothes safely if you’re someone who likes to put clothes away when the seasons change. We recommend making sure your clothes are clean (moths love any spilt food), using storage that closes with a zip or lid, and storing in a dry place.

3 - Experiment with clothes layering

Not everything you wear in Summer is unsuitable for winter. The 00s are back and so is layering. Play around with layering tshirts over long sleeved tops, or wearing polo necks and tights under dresses. If you’re jumping into the Reskinned shop, we recommend Finisterre jackets for their exceptional lightweight meets warmth quality, and pairing with a jumper from Joules or our vintage section. If you really want to keep the spirit of Summer alive, we’re quite partial to a socks and sandals moment but we’ll leave that one up to you.

4 - Mend, mend, mend!

If you’ve pulled out your favourite jumpers from the back of the wardrobe to find that there is a hole you didn’t spot when putting it away, get mending. Today’s society often encourages us to replace instead of fixing. There are tons of tutorials online to help you get started with repairs but if stitching really isn't your thing, that’s ok. Most dry cleaners in the UK offer repairs and alterations so it’s worth asking about those services next time you drop something off to be cleaned. Extra tip: if you’ve never been to your local dry cleaners, they’re often found next to the train station. We can’t tell you exactly why this is but we reckon it's because historically people would drop off and collect items on their way to work. The more you know!

5 - Choose the right fabrics, and opt for preloved

If you’re ready to add some extra items to your wardrobe, be thoughtful about where you source your clothes and which materials you choose. We recommend ethically sourced wool items for their warming and hygiene abilities (they don’t have to be washed that often, which can reduce your washing load). Our faves Finisterre are all about ethically sourced wool if you’re looking to update your jumper game. If you’re not into wool for various reasons (usually veganism), hemp, organic cotton and bamboo are all great materials to look for as an alternative. As always, we want to see you opting for preloved over new where possible and we have lots of gems to see you through the colder months on Reskinned.

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