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Sustainable New year's Resolutions

30 Jan 2023

Sustainable new year's resolutions

It's a tale as old as time. January is THE month to start something new (or do something less, depending on who you're asking). Reskinned are helping you kick off 2023 with sustainable resolutions to make this year better for you and better for the planet.

Here are our top 5 changes YOU can make this year.

  1. Sustainable Resolution: Get cycling instead of taking transport (or driving) in pre-loved activewear of course.

In the words of our dear friend MRS NHS: "Cycling can also boost your mood, improving the symptoms of some mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Cycling can also help you maintain a healthy weight."

On another note, more cycling means fewer cars on the road. Fewer cars mean less toxic gas released into our pressure air. Do you see where we're going with this? Cycling is better for you and better for the planet. Go for it!

To peddle your way from newbie to confident road navigator, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of pre-loved activewear from brands like Sweaty Betty and SKINS Compression. Let’s face it - no one wants to get their jeans trapped in the chain of your new bike.

  1. Sustainable Resolution: Embrace pre-loved

It's all about going pre-loved over new. Pretty much at the heart of everything we do, we want you to feel confident that pre-loved clothes are the future (whilst getting down the past). Better for the environment and much more pleasant for your wallet, our selection of clothes are good as new, only cheaper. We can dress your whole family in brands you know and love. Go on…a little browse won’t hurt.

  1. Sustainable Resolution: Get repairing

More than 8 million Brits throw repairable clothes in the bin - yikes! Now is the time to mend old clothes (so we can keep them around for longer). Taking time to simply sew that button on or restitch that hem can help you rediscover hidden gems at the back of the wardrobe, or get them ready for someone else to love.

  1. Sustainable Resolution: Go slow

Take time to slow down at the end of the day and take time for yourself. Slow living is great for your mind and great for the environment. Take a walk, do a yoga session, meditate and chill out in nature wearing preloved clothes from brands you love like Sweaty Betty from Reskinned.

  1. Sustainable Resolution: Pass it on

2023 is the year to truly embrace circularity. Finding a new home for clothes you no longer wear has never been easier. Spring cleaning isn't just for Spring. Dig out those loved but somewhat forgotten items from the back of the wardrobe, pass them on to a new home through our takeback programme and get rewarded for doing the right thing.

Now is the time to be part of the change. Small things we do at home can revolutionise the world, and leave us feeling better in the process.

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