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Pre-loved Activewear: Run towards your next wardrobe obsession

21 Oct 2022

Preloved activewear

You're going to fall in love with someone else's Sweaty* leggings, we promise. (*Sweaty Betty of course! What were you thinking, you filthy thing?)

We've come on leaps and bounds in our attitudes towards preloved. From eBay becoming the key sponsor of Love Island (5 years ago us is screaming) to more and more brands launching resale and takeback options for their customers, we're all pretty clued up that pre-loved is best. 

Whilst most of us are down for pre-loved jumpers and jackets , some still draw the line when it comes to preloved activewear.

The most sustainable items out there are ones that already exist. At Reskinned, we're proud to be offering the best of the best when it comes to gently worn, good-as-new active clothing from some of the best activewear brands out there. From yoga pants for the gym to coats for the great outdoors, we’ve got activewear to suit every kind of workout routine. 

We know about all the benefits of opting for pre-loved over new, and we want you to, too.

So, let's bust some myths together.

And why don’t you take a look at our range of pre-loved activewear while you’re here, or learn how to make your clothes last longer.

Preloved activewear


No sir, not on our watch.

We sort everything by hand and check for any visible signs of use. We select the items that are good as new, or items that only have slight signs of wear (don't worry, we'll always be transparent about the condition of items).

Anything that doesn't make the grade is rehomed elsewhere or upcycled into something new, like the way we turn old Sweaty Betty activewear into punch bags for them to use in store.

If it's really past it, we'll responsibly recycle it through our sister business LMB Textiles. That way we know that the fabric will be repurposed in the best possible way to create something new, and nothing goes to landfill.


We don't want to wear someone else's sweaty or smelly items, either.

Don't worry, we factory reset everything at our sorting facility. We o-zone cleanse items using an eco-friendly, sustainable cleansing machine which removes odours and bacteria and is water free. That way everything from sports bras to yoga pants will feel and smell as fresh as new when it arrives at your door.

See, we promised you everything was as good as new!

Preloved activewear


Circling back around to what we said earlier, we sort everything by hand.

This gives us the best understanding of what condition every item is in. Our good-as-new guarantee means that you can be sure that Reskinned items are ready to get back on the gym floor.

 We also have an inhouse repair team who make any necessary alterations: small things like replacing buttons or fixing hems. We never send anything to landfill so even if we do get some very-much-loved and really-can't-be-worn-again items, we responsibly recycle them.

We only partner with brands that offer high quality activewear, so that we know it will hold up for years to come. The brands we work with take care to source high quality performance materials which hold their shape much better than fast fashion alternatives.

We look for brands that use organic materials like organic cotton (to avoid toxic chemicals), plant-based fabrics, and recycled nylon and polyester.

Preloved activewear



We're sending around 13 million items of clothing to landfill every week in the UK (Oxfam). Keeping clothes out of landfill and in our wardrobes is one of the best ways we can reduce the negative impacts waste has on the environment. By keeping activewear in circulation for longer, we reduce the amounts of toxic gases released during the decomposition process in landfill sites.

We also make the most of the resources that have already been used. Every step of production comes with its own carbon footprint, from the materials used to transport. If it can be worn again, why not?

Choosing to purchase our activewear pre-loved not only reduces our environmental impact, reduces waste, and greenhouse gas emissions, making it a far more sustainable choice than buying brand new.


Reskinned gives you the opportunity to access desirable and luxury activewear brands for a fraction of the original price.

 We work closely with the brands we stock to make sure everything is up to standards, and we often review our pricing to make sure you're getting the best discount available.

Buying pre-loved means you can save money on your gym wear so you can actually get your hands on more expensive - and higher quality - pieces than you might normally buy.


Picture this: you fork out the big bucks on a pair of leggings only to have them shrink on the first wash. Our items have already been around the block a few times (in a good way), making them a reliable investment. They're unlikely to shrink or fade when washed.

And whilst we're on the topic of risk, we also allow you to return anything that doesn't work out (within the returns policy window).

If you've got something that's a year old and you're not feeling it anymore, see if it's eligible for our takeback programme, and you could get a voucher to spend on one of your favourite sportswear brands.


Reskinned aren't locked into trend cycles like other brands. We value quality timeless pieces that will stick around and make you feel good for the longest they possibly can.

This is your chance to find a real gem: something that went out of stock before you could get it or even something you never knew existed. Stand out from the crowd with a pair of unique leggings, or finally find the matching sports bra to go with the trousers you bought three years ago.


Reskinned offers a safe space to experiment with pre-loved activewear.

We take time to check everything by hand, make any repairs, and ensure that everything is as good as new. No smells or baggy crotches in sight. It's less risky for you and better for the environment.

You'll definitely save money, too. What have you got to lose?

Check out our latest in pre-loved  activewear here, or read more on the Re-edit blog.

Sign up to Reskinned to find out more about what we do and be the first to find out when drops are happening from the brands you love.

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