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13 Sep 2022


E.L.V. Denim take stocks of old discarded denim and transforms them into modern, sophisticated and even 'made to measure' jeans. They’ve partnered with Reskinned to offer takeback options for all your old denim, whatever the brand.

What inspired you to start ELV Denim?

There are more jeans than people in the world, most of which end up in landfill. It takes the same amount of water as one person drinks in 13 to make ONE PAIR of jeans, so to see all this material discarded is terrifying. Denim was designed as a functioning fabric, and was designed to last, so I feel we have a duty to use up all of this material that cost the environment so much.

Where do you source inspiration?

Unlike other brands who design and then find the material. I am unique in that I find the material and then create the designs, literally designing from and inspired by waste.

What does the customer journey look like for someone who purchases a pair of ELV jeans?

Not only do we have all our jeans in a range of sizes and ages and genders, we have all the stages of production on our website. We believe in being entirely transparent so the customer can find the perfect fit that is made with social responsibility in mind. And we are able to help customise and tailor each purchase to the customer’s needs.

How many jeans do you think you have repurposed/saved from landfill through ELV Denim?

25,000 pairs of jeans

Where do you source your denim from?

Vintage wholesalers and textile associations

Why partner with Reskinned?

Reskinned are enabling and more importantly encouraging consumers to responsibly deal with the clothing they no longer want. We need to change the mindset of consumers, that just giving old clothing to the charity shop isn’t always the best path. Ultimately to reduce the UK’s 1.1 million tonne of textile waste we have to make sure that garments are going to the right place and Reskinned are helping to do just that!

What do you think the future of fashion looks like?

I would like the immediate future of fashion to be a place where we only create clothing from pre-existing material, and only when that material is all gone can we make clothes from virgin materials. Also for fast fashion brands to take responsibility, and I don’t mean just a token take back scheme where the brands pass the garments to someone else to recycle. These brands have to be responsible and held accountable for the billions of poor quality garments that they launch every year into the world.

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