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100% reused or recycled

100% reused or recycled

100% reused or recycled

100% reused or recycled

100% reused or recycled

100% reused or recycled

100% reused or recycled

100% reused or recycled

100% reused or recycled

100% reused or recycled

Join the preloved revolution. Good as new, only cheaper.

The future of fashion –

Rehome clothes less loved in your wardrobe with Reskinned and get rewarded. We promise to reuse, repurpose or recycle 100% of what we receive. 0% ends up in landfill.


Reskinned Resale

Shop the brands you love in the most sustainable way.

All clothing passes a thorough grading process where we check it's quality and condition. Items are then ozone sanitised (a zero water, eco-friendly cleaning process) so they're as fresh as new.

Anxiety free. If it doesn't fit or just isn't quite right, return it unworn within 30 days and we'll give you your money back.


Reskinned Takeback

Set your wardrobe free. We get it things change and people move on. It's ok to fall out of love with something in your wardrobe.

Reskinned's takeback scheme gives you brand credit for the clothes you no longer want. The “never worn”, the “doesn't fit”, the “loved so much I'm sick of it”.

Send your items to us and we'll find them a new home. If they're too past it, we'll recycle them responsibly.

SKINS Compression

Sweaty Betty


River Island


E.L.V. Denim

Coming soon


Coming soon


Our takeback partners –


Reskinned Recycle

At Reskinned we always prioritise reuse over recycling. If it can be worn again, it will. If an item has reached the end of the road, we'll recycle it responsibly.

End of life clothes can be turned into new fabrics and we're one of the only platforms offering this in the UK. The technical phrase for this is 'Fibre to Fibre' recycling. We could geek out on the possibilities of this all day but put simply, it will change the future of fashion.

If an item's not quite right for fibre to fibre, we'll find another use. Nothing goes to landfill. Ever.

Make a difference –

We're leading the way for people and brands to find new homes for clothes less loved. Investing in tech solutions and helping others bring their ideas to life, saving one old jumper at a time.

Join the movement

Sign up to Reskinned to find out more about what we do and be the first to find out when drops are happening from the brands you love.